Free iTunes & Apple Gift Card Codes 2021

Get a free iTunes & apple gift card by completing simple taks like completing survey, downloading applications.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a online store designed for apple users to download their apps, games, and music and update your Apple device.

Also, iTunes is a software for windows that lets you add to, organize, and play your digital media collection on your computer and sync it to a portable iphone and iPad device.

It's a platform that communicates between windows and portable apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Macbook.

What is an iTunes/Apple gift card?

Apple gift card is a digital card used once per time and has a unique code, which you have to use in paying. You can quickly pay through the card and buy any game or app which you want. This card is only used in buying apps through their official store.

This gift card does it all, like purchasing Products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and more.

Apple users can use this gift card as an online digital card for buying the apps and games, and all those paid services that the store offers through the card.

How to earn a free iTunes gift card using iTunesReward?

For earning the free iTunes gift card, you have to complete offers on iTunesReward like playing our games, completing different tasks like downloading Apps, Reviewing Applications, completing surveys, and completing all the tasks by agreeing to the guidelines.

On each task, you will be rewarded with some points assigned to each survey that points are exchanged with free iTunes/Apple gift cards.

After a successful redeem request, your gift card is sent to your registered email address in the form of a digital gift card.

How to get a free iTunes gift card?

If you are interested in getting the free iTunes gift card, please make sure that you own at least one iOS device. Then, follow the below steps to get a free iTunes gift card from iTunesReward.

Sign Up
Sign up for your account to keep track of your earnings.
Earn Points
Download exclusive apps or complete simple offers to earn points.
Redeem Points
Exchange your points instantly for free iTunes gift cards or codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use the iTunes gift card?

It is easy to use the iTunes gift card. You can redeem your gift card balance in Apple Wallet and use the wallet money to purchase any premium app or game from the store or buy any movie, music.

2. What is the validity of the iTunes/Apple gift card?

The validity of an Apple gift card is 1 year, and the validity will start from the day Apple Inc. issues the card.

3. How to redeem an iTunes gift card?

The following are the easy steps that help you redeem a free Apple gift card on your iPhone and iPads.

  • Open to the settings on your device.

  • Choose the payment option.

  • Continue gift card option.

  • Enter the gift card code in the input box, which will get you some amount of the card in your account and by doing that process.

  • After successful redeem the balance will be added to your wallet.

Also you can redeem a itunes gift card earn from on official website.

4. What will be the amount of iTunes gift cards?

iTunes gift card comes with $10, $25, and $50; it will also come with a custom option that helps you purchase as per your entered value.